What are the precautions for explosion-proof camera installation?

Nowadays, explosion-proof surveillance cameras have become an irreplaceable security equipment in special industrial production environments. In chemical plants, gas stations, port terminals, military factories, coal mines, offshore drilling platforms, etc., no matter whether the security system in the area is perfect or not, Regardless of whether the objective environment has clear requirements for the depth of security work requirements, in general, explosion-proof cameras are indispensable for every area that requires explosion-proof monitoring.

However, the more demand is, the more it is easy to overlook the needs and skills of its installation. Therefore, today we will simply talk about the precautions of the explosion-proof camera during installation.

What are the precautions for explosion-proof camera installation?

Explosion-proof camera installation location is very important

In many of the previous articles, we have introduced a lot of precautions for the selection, but if we do not pay enough attention to the details of some installations, it is easy to cause the performance of the explosion-proof camera.

For example, when we are installing an explosion-proof camera, we can avoid some of the more complicated positions of the light-receiving position for installation. Otherwise, if we have a fixed-focus explosion-proof camera always facing some of the glare of the vehicle, then we are destined to make the necessary choices between higher wide dynamic effects or blurred images. It will also give us some extra expenses that we could have avoided.

Of course, in addition to avoiding the effects of light, some of the advantages of some explosion-proof camera imaging instinct can be fully utilized in our installation options.

For some white-light explosion-proof cameras that use white light to complete night vision monitoring, if we place them in some darker but more sensitive management areas, then in addition to its white light to achieve some limited illumination, More often than not, it will exert a deterrent effect on the surrounding because of its obvious lighting equipment, and this deterrence is sometimes more effective than ordinary patrols.

However, for some devices with weak light adaptability or no infrared function, we need to put them in a more open environment, in addition to making up for the lack of light processing, it can also avoid strong The adverse effects of the light on the device.

Explosion-proof camera installation attitude determines the working effect

In addition to the installation of the position, the attitude selection of the explosion-proof camera also determines the working performance of the explosion-proof camera to a certain extent.

For example, if we choose to install an explosion-proof camera at a horizontal angle, then its advantage is that you can see the details of some people or things. With the increasing flexibility of the current PTZ, it can also capture a lot of details that are difficult to find in other fixed-point explosion-proof cameras, and enhance the monitor's grasp of the details. However, this type of installation is a great sacrifice for the concealment of explosion-proof cameras, and it is also more susceptible to the impact of ambient light on the quality of explosion-proof cameras. Therefore, for the installation of such a posture, the light adaptability of the explosion-proof camera cannot be ignored.

For many monitoring environments, the viewing angle is the working attitude often used by explosion-proof cameras. Concealed, the macroscopic observation effect is good, and it is not easy to be harassed by light. This installation method is a big feature. However, its disadvantage lies in the sacrifice of detail. And in order to achieve the shooting effect, its installation height must also have a strict grasp. However, for some gas stations, or underground coal mines, such installation methods may achieve many unexpected results.

In addition to these two mounting postures, the upward viewing installation is also a reference solution, but this method has high requirements for the optical adaptability of the explosion-proof camera, and has strict restrictions on the protection, so the mode of installation is such that There are few, we will not repeat them.

In fact, in many cases, our grasp of some details can affect the performance of the equipment more or less. And when we focus on these details and apply them flexibly, some performance shortcomings may be compensated in a simpler and more economical way.

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