Application of sticky insect board in greenhouse

Sticky insect board is a kind of physical insect-proof tool that is highly respected in the agricultural field. It has a good killing effect on whitefly, thrips, aphids, aphids and other pests. In the greenhouse cultivation, all kinds of pests also occur in the market. Therefore, in order to achieve green prevention and control, many greenhouses also actively use the insect board to attract insects and insects. The application of the sticky insect board in the greenhouse has played a good green prevention and control effect, which not only ensures the safety of greenhouse crop cultivation, but also improves the safety quality of agricultural products, so it is very popular among greenhouse growers.

The greenhouse is mainly used to cultivate vegetables and other crops. Although the crops are grown in a relatively closed environment, there are still many external pests entering the shed during the planting process, which is harmful to the growth of greenhouse crops, and the greenhouse pest control is more open. Prevention is more difficult, so the prevention and control of greenhouse pests is recommended to use physical control methods - sticky board. The sticky insect board uses the principle of coloring of pests to achieve the purpose of insecticide. The sticky board itself is green and environmentally friendly. The use of sticky board can greatly reduce the number of pesticides used, reduce the density of pests, and not cause pesticide residues and pest resistance. Can treat a variety of pests.

At present, with the development of the greenhouse industry, the planting scale and planting area of ​​greenhouses are constantly expanding. Under this background, how to do well in the prevention and control of greenhouse pests has become more and more important. The application of the wormwood in the greenhouse is an important manifestation of the green prevention and control technology in the greenhouse cultivation, and also provides important support for the green safety production in the greenhouse. Sticky worm board has low cost, wide application range, many kinds of insecticides, good trapping effect, can be used to trap various greenhouse greenhouse pests, don't look at it small, but it has a big role, is the modern greenhouse planting green development road An important promoter is also a good helper for farmers to get rid of poverty and get rich.

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