High demand has given birth to good equipment, and Sanqi Superfine Grinder is well received by the Chinese medicine market.

Along with the development of the Chinese medicine market, the Chinese herbal medicine Sanqi has developed from the original powdering and blunting into capsules or tablets, and the demand for Chinese herbal medicines has increased, which has led to the rapid development of traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical equipment. As a traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical equipment, Sanqi Superfine Crusher has welcomed the Chinese medicine market with its higher absorption rate and better mouth.

In fact, the Sanqi Superfine Shredder is not just a device used to crush Sanqi. It is reported that Sanqi is one of the many Chinese medicines with high hardness and high starch content. For the crushing of this material, the ordinary superfine pulverizer is not completely good at it, but for the Sanqi superfine pulverizer It seems to be easier.

The author has learned that the current Sanqi ultrafine pulverizer can also smash seasonings, grains, ordinary Chinese medicinal materials, materials with oil and fat, and materials with fibers.

Some manufacturers said that, unlike ordinary Chinese medicinal materials, Sanqi is a very hard material. When the material is polished, it is not suitable. If it is less, it will also affect the effect. The one-time grinding time is short, the effect is not good, and the grinding time is too long. It is easy to stick to the bottom, so the grinding method is very important.

Specifically, first check whether the machine is properly energized, and then open the top cover of the shredder (first release the buckle, then rotate the upper cover counterclockwise, the buckle slides out of the card slot to open), and the material to be crushed is put into crushing warehouse.

Then lock the upper cover (first rotate the upper cover clockwise, after the buckle slides into the slot, fasten the buckle, lock the upper cover), then plug in the power supply, turn on the time switch, start to smash (with timer The switch can be turned on after setting the time).

When the set time is reached, the crushing can be completed. Without the style with the time switch, you need to master the time yourself. Generally speaking, when the rolling sound in the crushing bin is relatively uniform, it means that the powder has been powdered and can be shut down. * After the operator needs to turn off the power, open the top cover, follow the steps, pour out the powder, clean the crushing bin, close the top cover (according to the third step), and store it properly.

When referring to the pulverization effect of the Sanqi ultrafine pulverizer, the insiders said: "In the case of normal operation of the machine, the operator needs to operate the machine in steps and pulverize it, which can improve the pulverization effect of the medicinal material."

In addition, the person also said that one of the characteristics and advantages of the Sanqi ultrafine pulverizer compared to the ordinary pulverizer is the improvement of the pulverization fineness and the accompanying good absorption effect.

Under normal circumstances, the fineness of the pulverizer of the ordinary pulverizer does not exceed 200 mesh, and the pulverization fineness of some air-selective pulverizers or Chinese herbal medicine superfine pulverizers is also above and below 300 mesh.

However, the starting pulverization fineness of the Sanqi ultrafine pulverizer will exceed 300 mesh. "The fineness of the Sanqi powder will be very delicate from the senses, without any graininess. After the water is washed, the liquid color is even. No precipitation. In terms of absorption, the absorption effect is more than doubled or doubled, and the effect is very obvious."

In general, whether it is the smashing of Sanqi or the smashing of other Chinese medicines, the factors that determine the fineness of crushing are the principle of pulverizer and the second method of discharging. These two factors are the core of the current pulverizer.

In addition, the trend of deep processing in Sanqi is already very obvious, and higher demand will certainly lead to better equipment. The application prospect of Sanqi ultrafine pulverizer in Chinese medicine industry is very wide, and pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and families all have different crushing requirements. How to achieve certain breakthroughs in these three directions is a problem that Sanqi crushing equipment enterprises need to think about. . Therefore, in order to further meet the smashing requirements, relevant enterprises need to upgrade their technical strength and continuously improve equipment and facilities.

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