Commercial vehicle maintenance new mainstream dragons giveaways lead long-distance oil change

With the continuous upgrading of diesel engine technology and China's strict requirements for environmental protection, long-mile lubrication technology has received more and more attention.

At present, several major domestic commercial vehicle manufacturers have launched long oil mileage maintenance models. Starting from the long-distance transport of tractors , the concept of long oil change has been extended to heavy-duty trucks for short-distance transportation and light trucks for short-haul cities. For the owner, the energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and more efficient high-end long-range diesel engine oil saves a lot of maintenance time and saves a lot of maintenance costs. There is no doubt that long-mile lubrication technology is a major trend in the development and marketing of diesel engine oil in the future.

Auman GTL long oil-replacement tractor Auman GTL long oil-replacement tractor

In the face of market demand, Longsheng Technology has the courage to challenge, and in 2015, it took the lead in launching the research and development of long-mile lubrication technology in the industry. After professional market research, rigorous formula innovation and a large number of driving tests, Longyi Technology is proud to face the high-end heavy-duty truck market and launch the Longyan gift-long mileage oil change series.

Cheng Lung Poon presented a long series of oil change mileage There are currently K4, K6, K10 three products. Among them, Longyi Gift K10 is one of the few diesel engine oil products on the market that can meet the technical requirements of 100,000 km long oil change.

Longjing extended range long mileage oil change series Longjing extended range long mileage oil change series

Longjing gift series adopts unique alkali value retention technology, excellent high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance, excellent alkali value retention performance and anti-wear performance, excellent shear stability and low volatility, which can effectively extend heavy trucks. The oil change mileage of the vehicle. Product performance in line with API CJ-4/SN, ACEA E7-08/E9-08, Mercedes-Benz 228.3, Carter ECF-3/ECF-2, Volvo VDS-4, Cummins 20081 and many other certifications.

In order to verify the long oil-changing effect of Long Hao's gift, Long Hao Lubricant Technical Support Department and Product Engineering Department launched a large-scale driving test campaign with the theme of 100,000 km oil change challenge. Supported by mainstream service stations and large maintenance plants, this nationwide quality verification activity has been actively participated by truck drivers. In the process, the Longji gift course accepted the most stringent road test and oil analysis, and the performance and maintenance effect of the product under various road conditions were fully verified. A large number of driving test cases also provide sufficient data support for the later after-sales support services.

Large-scale driving test activities of Longjing Lubricants Large-scale driving test activities of Longjing Lubricants

Leading technical advantages and product performance have provided a solid quality foundation for Longsheng's gift-giving market; the increasing demand for long oil change maintenance has further pushed Long Hao's gift-giving products to the throne. In the future, Longsheng Technology will continue to adhere to the "green chemistry" concept, actively respond to the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy, and provide more environmentally friendly products for green travel in the field of heavy trucks.

Reading volume: Source: Information Network of Chinese oil: cold autumn

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Explosion Proof Hoist

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Explosion Proof Elctric Hoist

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