What should I pay attention to before the wireless bridge is connected?

The continuous advancement of wireless technology has promoted the wide application of long-distance wireless video surveillance, and solved many problems such as difficulty in monitoring wiring, high cost, and inconvenient maintenance. In the long-distance wireless video surveillance, wireless bridges are widely used. So, what should be paid attention to regarding the construction and connection of wireless bridges?
Before connecting the wireless bridge, you need to pay attention to the following:
1. The buildings to be connected must be kept empty, and obstacles such as tall trees and buildings directly affect the transmission of radio waves.
2. In the case of reducing bandwidth, it is possible to increase the transmission distance between buildings and carry out long-distance transmission. At present, the distance of wireless transmission can reach up to 80 kilometers in the case of barrier-free, but in application, the actual distance may be much less than 80 kilometers, so in mountainous areas, or when there are obstacles, the distance should not be too long. If you really need it, you can set up a relay transfer station in the middle to bypass the obstacles.
3. When the WLAN is transmitting at a short distance, in order to obtain the maximum bandwidth, the wireless bridge can be connected to the router supporting the redundant channel, so that the three wireless bridges can be integrated together, and the antenna height has almost no influence. Since wireless LAN networking equipment mostly requires "line of sight" transmission, the setting of the antenna height is very important. If the height of the antenna is not enough, the effect of increasing the power amplification or increasing the antenna gain will be very limited.
4. Plan and select a channel that will not interfere with other wireless communications within the wireless coverage area.
5. If the building is connected across the WLAN, the antenna can be installed on the roof, and the small antenna can be used to maintain the concentration of radio waves and avoid interference from other companies.
6. Although the wireless network utilizes frequency hopping technology, the frequency carrier is difficult to detect (ie, the security performance is very good), but in order to prevent it, the network ID number can also be set at the access point, so that only when the two sides are wireless The adapter sets the same ID number to synchronize with the access point and connect to the network. In addition, encryption in the transmitted data is a further means of improving security.
Grasping the above points can better ensure the stable operation of the wireless monitoring installation system. Of course, for users, these factors are not well understood, so it is extremely important to choose a professional and serviced equipment supplier. Tengyuan Zhituo is such a company. Every product data of the company is obtained after six months of testing, which is worthy of your peace of mind.

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