Hefei No. 6 Water Plant will build a total investment of 97.5 million yuan for the sludge drying project

On February 24th, the Hefei Environmental Protection Bureau issued the “<The Public Notice of Hefei Water Supply Group Co., Ltd. Hefei No. 6 Water Plant Sludge Drying Project Report Form” (“Publicity”). The “Publicity” shows that Hefei is No. 6 The water plant will build a sludge drying project with a total investment of 97.5 million yuan and a floor area of ​​approximately 12,000 tons.

The construction unit of the project is Hefei Water Supply Group Co., Ltd. The construction scale is to build 600,000 m3/d of sedimentation tank drainage sludge, sand filter backwash wastewater, and long-term carbon filter backwash wastewater treatment project; 24.7t/d, the maximum dry mud volume was 37.8t/d.

The project is located in the existing plant area of ​​the Hefei No. 6 Water Plant on the west side of the Mengcheng North Road, involving an area of ​​approximately 12,000?, mainly using the existing land in the plant area.

The total investment of this project is 97.5 million yuan.

Hefei No. 6 Water Plant is located on the west side of Mengcheng North Road. It consists of a water plant covering an area of ​​370 mu and a water pumping station that is 600m away and covers an area of ​​20 mu. The total water supply capacity of the Liushui Plant is 600,000 m3/d, which is implemented in two phases. The first phase and the second phase are each 300,000 m3/d, all of which have been completed and put into production. The water plant is mainly responsible for the water supply in the northern group Xiangyang Industrial Park and Xinzhan Development Zone.

It is understood that at present, the Hefei No. 6 Water Plant sedimentation tank discharge sludge and sand filter backwash wastewater are all discharged to the sludge pond set up in the plant. After standing still, the supernatant is recovered.

The existing plant has 3 sludge ponds, each of which can be operated independently. When one of the sludge ponds is full of sludge, the sludge in the sludge pond will be naturally dried.

Sludge in the two sludge ponds in the southwest corner of the plant area is now full, and the turbidity of the supernatant effluent has risen and it is no longer possible to use it. Therefore, the Hefei Water Supply Group plans to invest 97.5 million yuan to build a sludge drying project in the plant area.

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