Magna supports China's emerging auto company Weilai new car

As the voices of improving the environment and promoting sustainable development are getting higher and higher, and startups are developing and launching new energy vehicles, support from powerful suppliers is indispensable. The newly released NIO ES8 is the best example. Magna offers several key components for this electric SUV.
The ES8 is a seven-seat SUV with a lightweight all-aluminum body and chassis and is equipped with a standard all-wheel drive system. On this model, Magna offers components including aluminum front and rear subframes, electric drive transmissions on the front and rear axles, and engine compartment locks and side door locks.
Magna has unique capabilities and experience to support the development of new energy vehicles in China and around the world. As the only component company capable of supporting the full value chain of a vehicle today, Magna is able to reduce the weight of composite materials such as hybrid and electric powertrains, the overall body and structure of vehicles, and the use of various metals and plastics. The expertise of the aspects is integrated.
"Supporting the emerging vehicle power of Weilai to serve the NIO ES8 electric SUV, which is highly compatible with Magna's development strategy," said Magna CTO, the chief technology officer of Magna. “To achieve the weight of the vehicle, to provide the most efficient power, to use the unique vehicle expertise to help customers, and to turn the customer’s ideas into reality, this is the value and significance of Magna. Where."

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