Portable 3D printer can print skin on human wounds

Imagine using a 3D printer to cover and heal wounds. This is the idea of ​​a University of Toronto researcher developing a portable handheld 3D skin printer. The machine can apply 3D printed skin to people. They said that this is the first device that can form skin directly on the wound within two minutes. The application of this technology is extensive and may have a devastating effect on the industry.

Researchers say that a handheld 3D skin printer can apply a layer of skin tissue directly to a person to heal and cover the wound. They add that although it is similar to a typical skin graft, it does not require healthy skin from the donor and then transplants it to the patient.
The device basically looks like a white tape dispenser, and the user uses a "bio-ink" skin tissue to print the skin in 3D in the affected area. They have not yet tested the printer on human patients, but researchers have been able to prove this idea in pigs.

Heat Shrink Tubing with all colors

Product description:

Heat shrink tube cable sleeves wiring accessories shrink tubing ,this is an irradiated cross-linked commercial grade polyolefin heat shrinkable tubing with general purpose applications, such as wire-harness, insulation of wire bundles, insulation and strain relief of wire terminations and connections, capsule and anti-corrosion protection. It is rated for use up to 105 degrees and 600V.

1) Application
Heat Shrinkable Tube Heat-Shrinkable Tubing is a tube without halogen, low smoking flame-retardant irradiated cross linking polyolefin heat-shrinkable tubing, which contains no added halogens, and exhibits excellent fire safety characteristics combined with low evolution of acid gases, while retaining good mechanical and fluid resistance properties. 
2) Features/Benefits
·Shrink ratio: 2/1.
·Flexible, flame-retardant.
·Low smoking, no added halogens.
·Low evolution of acid gases.
Conform to European RoHS environmental directive.
3) Operating Temperature Range
Operating temperature range: -55~125 degrees Celsius
Minimum shrink temperature: 70 degrees Celsius
Minimum full recovery temperature: 110 degrees Celsius
4) Standards/Approvals
UL224, 125 degrees Celsius 600V VW-1
UL Approval

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Heat shrinkable tube

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Heat Shrink Tubing

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