The Dezhou City, Shandong Province Qihe aquaculture networking technology promotion project passed the provincial inspection and acceptance group expert acceptance

On January 18th, the evaluation and acceptance team of experts from Shandong Province in the Jiaozuo County aquaculture networking technology promotion project was evaluated and accepted. The assessment team heard the project implementation report and watched the Qihe County Remote Management Platform demonstration and implementation of the project. The five demonstration areas viewed the video site one by one and reviewed the archival materials. The expert group affirmed the work of the project of the Zhexie County and provided guidance.

Qihe County Aquaculture IoT promotion technology mainly promotes enterprise application systems (wireless video, wireless camera, water quality monitoring). This technology, according to the online data of the platform, adopts corresponding technical means to prevent breeding problems caused by water quality malignancy, diseases, floating head and oxygen deficiency. The scientific breeding and management of aquaculture will eventually achieve the goal of saving energy and reducing consumption, reducing disease, and increasing production and income.

Through the establishment of the demonstration area of ​​the project, it is intended to actively encourage qualified model households to apply the technology for scientific breeding management, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and increase yield and benefits; radiation stimulates more farmers, and uses advanced management techniques to develop efficient and modern Fisheries.

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