Chemicals blocks become a haven for stock markets

Since January 15th, due to the impact of the second round of subprime mortgage crisis in the US on the rapid spread of global capital markets, the Chinese stock market dropped by nearly 14% in 7 trading days from the 16th to the 24th. The chemical listed company became a safe haven for the stock index decline. According to the petrochemical index jointly compiled by Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks, the shares of chemical and petrochemical listed companies only fell by nearly 4%, and some chemical listed companies such as Hubei Yihua, Red Sun, Salt Lake Potash, Yuanyuanxin Energy, Yuntianhua, Xingfa Group and other stocks have even hit new highs.
This firm performance of the listed company's stock price is inseparable from the domestic and foreign economic development environment. It is understood that under the new round of global agricultural commodity bull markets, the enthusiasm for planting agricultural products worldwide has increased. The Central Rural Work Conference held in China at the end of last year discussed the "CPC Central Committee and the State Council's Several Opinions on Effectively Strengthening Agricultural Infrastructure and Further Promoting Agricultural Development for Increasing Farmers' Income (Discussion Draft)", which means that the Central Document No. 1 is expected to focus again this year." Three agriculture. This will lead to the development of pesticides and fertilizers for agricultural products, and related listed companies, such as pesticides herbicides glyphosate listed companies Xinan Chemicals, Huaxing Chemicals, and glycine-based upstream glycine production enterprises, such as Sanxia, ​​will benefit from these. The listed company's stock price is also significantly defensive.
In addition, under the background of global resource price revaluation, some non-renewable resource reserves have attracted investors' attention. Phosphorite is a unique scarcity strategic resource. In 1980, the United States had banned exports and imported large quantities from abroad every year. China's phosphate ore resources are rich but not rich. With the rapid development of high-concentration phosphate fertilizer production and the large number of low-priced exports of high-grade ore, the domestic supply of bonanza has become increasingly tense. At present, the Chinese government is implementing an effective approach to the implementation of phosphate rock remediation, small-scale mines will be gradually shut down for rectification, will lead to gradual increase in the price of phosphate rock. This will provide policy support to listed companies related to phosphate rock resources, thereby suppressing the decline in their stock prices.
At the same time, since the supply and demand gap in the domestic potash fertilizer market will persist for a long time, there is room for further increase in potash fertilizer prices. The main advantage of potash fertilizer in Salt Lake lies in its monopoly on natural resources and its future growth is clear. Therefore, it is still a good investment type, relying on it. The price advantage of Yuntianhua's share price also hit a new high.

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