How to control the automatic car business, the old driver takes you on the road

Although many drivers are loyal to the automatic car and think it is good to drive, they can shift gears automatically, especially for female drivers, many will only drive cars automatically. Isn't it really easy to manage an automatic commercial vehicle? The old driver took you to know how to better manage the automatic business car.

In the first aspect, a novice driver must first understand the position of the automatic transmission. The automatic transmission, unlike the manual transmission, clearly indicates 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 positions. As the speed increases, the driver’s friend needs the first sense to shift gears. The automatic car is different from the manual file. It is represented by the initials of several English abbreviations. For example, if the N position is a neutral position, this vehicle is engaged when the vehicle is idle for a short time; for example, the D position is a forward gear. In the normal driving of the vehicle, this file can be hung; for example, the P position is a parking range. When the vehicle needs to stand still for a long time, it should be put in this file; for example, the R position is the reverse position. When the vehicle needs to move backwards, it is put into this position, although the vehicle will automatically change according to the speed and traffic conditions during the driving process. The file, but still requires the driver's friends to recognize its own stalls, do not appear to know how to drive the automatic file but do not know its stall situation.

Moreover, novice driver friends need to understand how automatic vehicles are controlled. In fact, the manual file is much simpler in operation than the automatic file. It is only necessary to examine the reaction abilities of the driver's friends. However, the automatic transmission vehicle is different from it. If a driver friend wants to switch to a high position, the driver mustn’t always be fierce. Give oil, then how do we operate it correctly? The correct approach is to withdraw the oil after it is fed so that the vehicle's computer system can automatically raise the gear. This is also a driving problem that many driver friends often encounter and misunderstandings.

In the end, don't go empty. Empty taxi has always been a good way for many drivers' friends to think of fuel efficiency, but this argument has been proven to be misleading. For automatic vehicles, neutral coasting will not only reduce fuel consumption, but also make it easy to increase the loss of internal parts of the vehicle, causing irreversible damage to automatic commercial vehicles. Therefore, the driver's friends must not arbitrarily try to free-skating. This kind of damage to the car without fuel-saving is a need to resolutely put an end to it.

In fact, many old drivers will know a lot of operation methods during the driving process. Xiao Bian only introduces three common misunderstandings. Many of the operating methods also require drivers' friends to sum up their daily lives and give them their own car. Bring good enjoyment!

The main equipment of refined distillation device for ethanol tower.The equipment uses the principle that the boiling point of e

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