Ten Measures for Prevention of Coal and Gas Outburst in Coal Mines of Henan Province Officially Released

August 29, 2014, Henan Province People's Government Office issued the "Henan coal mine coal and gas outburst prevention ten measures", which is prominent provincial government introduced higher standards for coal mine gas safety and new regulations.

The main contents of the Ten Measures for Prevention of Coal and Gas Outburst in Coal Mines in Henan Province are as follows: First, coal enterprises should establish and improve the gas disaster prevention and control management system, and clarify the defense-level duties of each management level in accordance with the regulations. To highlight the mine, it is necessary to establish a multi-sectoral anti-burst management coordination organization, and to meet the various types of anti-burst personnel in compliance with the regulations, and strictly implement the responsibility of one post. The second is to strengthen the management of mine gas ranks. The coal mines have “soil gas pressure not lower than 0.74MPa” and are directly upgraded to prominent mines. The third is to standardize the risk prediction and regional verification. The mine's protruding coal seam initial sub-point elevation shall not be divided into non-prominent danger zones, and the previous divisions shall be nullified. In the case of non-prominent hazardous areas, once the verification parameters are found to exceed the limits, the dynamic phenomena or the obvious signs, it is necessary to re-complement the regional anti-burst measures. The fourth is to strictly determine the critical value of the prediction and effect test of the outburst coal seam area. The gas content index determined by the mine shall not exceed 6 m3/t, and the gas pressure index shall not exceed 0.6 MPa, and shall be reported to the chairman of the company for signature and confirmation. The fifth is to strictly implement regional anti-burst measures. When the coal seam gas pressure is greater than 0.6 MPa or the gas content is greater than 6 m3/t, it is necessary to use the mining protection layer or the bottom (top) slate roadway to drill the pre-extracted coal seam gas. Outreach measures. It is strictly forbidden to adopt the anti-burst measures of the coal seam gas zone in the pre-extracted coal roadway with bedding in the bedding layer; it is strictly forbidden to use local anti-burst measures to supplement the outburst. Sixth, to strengthen the geological exploration of mines, coal enterprises and mines should hold geological analysis meetings regularly to study anatomical geology. In the process of mining, geophysical exploration or drilling should be used to detect the geological structure in front of the prominent working face. In case of geological structure or sudden change of coal seam occurrence conditions, it must be managed according to the prominent danger zone. The seventh is to establish a gas management early warning analysis and disposal system and a coal and gas outburst investigation and treatment system. Eight is to rationally arrange the production layout to ensure that the mining standards are met. Nine is to strictly control the on-site control and ensure that the anti-burst plan and anti-burst measures are implemented. To improve the various live records of on-site operators, each class must fill out the anti-burst report form, and implement a zero-reporting system for mining and drilling abnormalities. The ground dispatching room should establish on-site report records. Ten is to strengthen the defense prevention training. It is necessary to train the various types of employees in the underground to prevent the defense skills and prevent knowledge. The anti-burst workers must be certified to work to ensure accurate forecasts and accurate data.

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