Texas, USA actively promotes the replacement of new smart water meter projects

[China Instrument Network Instrumentation Industry] In the near future, Abilene in the United States is about to replace about 43,500 intelligent water meters with leakage detection systems. It is reported that the funds for the planning, replacement, and installation of the smart water meter and infrastructure were approved by the Texas State Water Resources Development Committee (TWDB) and provided by the Texas Clean Water Recycling Fund, which totaled 18.37 million US dollars. Rodney Taylor, general manager of Abilene Water, said that the new smart meter uses wireless communication technology, and users can use software to understand how much water they use.
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TWDB is the agency in Texas that collects and transmits water data and assists regional planning and development of water resources development plans in Texas. Last week, TWDB also approved $2297 million in financial assistance for water and wastewater system projects, and $2 million in financial assistance for the Gorman City water system upgrade project. Water management and infrastructure renovation are evident.
In addition to the city of Abilene, the Koper City Council of Texas also announced that it will deploy smart water meter pilots.
The Koper City Council plans to cooperate with Siemens and implement a pilot smart meter deployment with a total budget of US$40,000. The smart water meter pilot will help the City Council understand the advantages of automated and advanced metering systems through smart water meters. The city of Koper will use this experiment to study the framework for large-scale deployment of advanced water meters. The purpose of installing smart water meters is to ensure the accuracy of water billing and improve water distribution network and consumer water performance. So far, Koper has 6,700 smart meters, 5,800 wireless remote meters and 1,000 Internet of things meters.
Noel Bernal, deputy mayor of Koper, commented on the deployment of large-scale smart meters. "These instruments have unique features. They can use ultrasonic readings to improve the accuracy of measurement. We plan to invest $300,000 per year for smart meter projects." At this rate, it will take about six and a half years to complete this project."
(Original title: Texas actively promotes the replacement of new smart meter projects)

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