Quality requirements for industrial processing of phosphate rock

Phosphorus is an important component of biological cytoplasm and an essential element for plant growth. 84% to 90% of the world's phosphate rock is used to produce various phosphate fertilizers, 3.3% for feed additives, 4% for detergents, and the rest for chemical, light industry, national defense and other industries. In China's phosphate rock consumption structure, phosphate fertilizer accounts for 71%, yellow phosphorus accounts for 7%, phosphate accounts for 6%, and phosphide accounts for 16%. Phosphate fertilizer plays an important role in increasing crop yields. Many types of phosphate fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer production in China mainly for superphosphate, calcium magnesium phosphate, deoxy and triple superphosphate fertilizer, ammonium phosphate and potassium dihydrogen phosphate efficient compound fertilizer. Phosphate rock is an important chemical mineral raw material. Part of the phosphate rock is used to prepare pure phosphorus (yellow phosphorus, red phosphorus) and chemical raw materials, and a small amount is used as animal feed. Red phosphorus is used to make matches and phosphides. Yellow phosphorus is highly toxic, can be used to make pesticides, and can also be used to make incendiary bombs, tracer bombs, signal bombs, smoke bombs, and pyrophoric agents; phosphorus and boron , indium , and gallium phosphides are used in the semiconductor industry. Refining the metallurgical industry for phosphor bronze, phosphorus-containing pig iron and cast iron. Zirconium phosphate, titanium phosphate, silicon phosphate, etc. can be used as coatings, pigments, binders, ion exchangers, adsorbents, and the like. Sodium phosphate and disodium hydrogen phosphate are used to purify boiler water. The latter can also make rayon. Sodium hexametaphosphate can be used as a softener and metal preservative for water, calcium phosphate is used as an animal feed additive, and a derivative of phosphorus is used in medicine. The aluminum dihydrogen phosphate rubber material has high refractoriness, good impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance and superior electrical properties, and is used in cutting-edge technology. Fluorite apatite crystals are the most ideal laser emitting materials, and phosphate glass lasers have been used.
Quality requirements for phosphate rock in industrial processing There are three processing methods for phosphate rock, namely mechanical, acid and thermal processing. At home and abroad, the acid processing is the main method. 1. Machining: The phosphate rock is ground into phosphate rock powder and used directly as an acidic soil fertilizer. The fineness of the ore powder generally requires more than 90% of 100 mesh. The ore is required to contain 10% to 20% of P2O5, and there are no special requirements for other impurities. 2. Acid processing: The phosphate rock powder is decomposed with various inorganic acids, and the obtained products are mainly various water-soluble phosphate fertilizers and phosphates. The main products are: superphosphate, extracted phosphoric acid, heavy superphosphate, ammonium phosphate, nitrophosphate and so on. In addition to superphosphate, it is a high concentration of phosphate fertilizer or compound fertilizer. The manufacture of these phosphate fertilizers requires phosphate rock P2O5 ≥ 28%, and the impurity content and particle size should meet the requirements of the table.

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