SK-1377 High Speed Button Attaching sewing machine

Characteristic: Use the sync split technology, the identical machine does not have to replace the component, so long as with ease adjust the synchronized separator, then achieved "a character", "cross"subscribes buckles the funtion.

There are many types of tractors, such as two-wheel (walking tractor) and four-wheel. It is divided into rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.
High horsepower wheeled tractor has better traction performance, suitable for high-speed operation of large farms equipped with wide-width agricultural tools.
Mainly includes engine, chassis, electrical equipment. The chassis includes a transmission system, a steering system, a walking system, a braking system, and a working device.
The tractor can drive by the power of the internal combustion engine through the transmission system, so that the driving wheel obtains the driving torque Mk, and the driving wheel that obtains the driving torque gives the ground a small, backward horizontal force (tangential force) through the tire pattern and tire surface, and the ground Facing the horizontal rice force Pk with the same driving force and opposite direction, this Pk reaction force is the driving force (also called feeding propulsion) that drives the tractor forward. When the driving force Pk is sufficient to overcome the forward rolling resistance of the front and rear wheels and the traction resistance of the farm implement, the tractor will move forward. If the driving wheel is lifted off the ground, that is, the driving force Pk is equal to zero, the driving wheel can only be idling in place, and the tractor cannot drive; if the sum of rolling resistance and traction resistance is greater than the driving force Pk, the tractor cannot drive. It can be seen that the driving of the wheeled tractor is achieved by the interaction between the driving torque driving wheel and the ground, and the driving force is greater than the sum of rolling resistance and traction resistance

Four-Wheel Farm Tractors

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