Yuneng Transformer Dry Air Generator/Hot Air Drying Equipment

  • Model NO.: GF Series
  • Application: Biodiesel Oil, Cooking Oil, Turbine Oil, Lubricant Oil, Transformer Oil, Engine Oil
  • Folw Rate: as Per Requirements
  • Product Name: Transformer Dry Air Generator/Hot Air Drying
  • Size: as Per Capacity
  • Trademark: YUNENG
  • Specification: CE ISO9001
  • HS Code: 8419399090
  • Certification: ISO9001, CE
  • Voltage: as Per Requirements
  • Function: Vacuum Dehumidifier
  • Color: Customized
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Transport Package: Iron Case
  • Origin: China
vacuum dehumidifier

GF series dry air generator is developed by Chongqng Yuneng Oil Purifier Manufacturing co., Ltd. comprehensively utilized the advantages of the jucai, uncial, coalescing oil-water separators, super accuracy filtering so as to economically and optimally operate and produce drying air with high quality and low dew point through scientific combination of the cooling, adsorption and purification, reasonable pipe connection and capacity collocation. Besides, it can check automatically by using PLC system. It is compact in structure, low in gas consumption and long in using life. Furthermore, its dryer can be used three times longer than normal one. The equipments are high efficiency, saving energy and good safety because of adopting microcomputer program controlling.

Features of Parameter of Transformer Hot Dry Air Generator
Item Parameter Unit GF-50 GF-100 GF-150 GF-200
Technical Parameter Flow M³/h 50 100 150 200
Working Pressure Mpa 0.6~0.8
Pressure Drop Mpa 0.05
Noise dB(A) 70
Working Power KW 380V-50Hz   3 Phase 4 Wire
Total Power KW 12 19 22 26

Length cm 215 215 230 230
Width cm 155 155 165 165
Height cm 230 230 230 230
Diameter DN 32 40 50 50
Weight Kg 900 980 1030 1050
After Treatment Index Discharge Pressure Mpa 0.02~0.03
Dew Point °C -50°C ~ -70°C
Particle um 0.01
Oil content in air outlet ppm 0.01

Yuneng Transformer Dry Air Generator/Hot Air Drying Equipment

Yuneng Transformer Dry Air Generator/Hot Air Drying Equipment
Yuneng products list:
1. Insulation Oil Purification Series:
ZJA Ultra-high Transformer / Insulation Oil Filtration Machine (1000KV, ±800KV, 750KV, ±660KV project) ( 2 stagevacuum)
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ZJB Transformer / Insulation Oil Filtration Machine (≤110KV) (one stage vacuum)
ZJ Vacuum Pumping machine (extract vacuum, dry transformer)
GF Dry Air Generator (produce dry air for operators to maintain transformer, reactors).
JZ OLTC (on-load tap changer) online Oil Filtration Machine
Quantitative oil injection machine (customized product)
2. Turbine Oil Filtration machine:
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3. Lubricating Oil Filtration machine:
ZJC-R vacuum Oil Filtration machine for lubricating oil (machinery oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, coolant oil, cutting oil..)
ZJC-M Oil Filtration machine for OCS. (oil with high viscosity 22-320cst at 40ºC)

4. Other kinds of oil filtration machine:
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LY plate-frame pressure oil filtration machine (simple, paper filtration)
YL mobile oil filtration machine (simple, cheap)
5. Waste oil regeneration machine (by chemicals or by high temperature distillation)
YNZSY used oil recycling machine (by chemicals)
YNZSY-LTY used tire oil recycling machine (by chemicals)
Waste oil distillation machine

6. Oil tester/ analyzer:
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Water content tester
Inline Digital Flow Meter and Totalizer
Viscosity analyzer
Flash point analyzer (close cup)
Flash point analyzer (open cup)
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