China Railway 20th Bureau Takes Measures to Welcome New Students

China Railway 20th Bureau Takes Measures to Welcome New Students On the afternoon of July 25th, the project department of Contract No. 09 of the Beijing Metro Line 14 of the China Railway 20th Bureau Group ushered in this year’s college graduates. In order to do a good job of welcoming university students, the project department has adopted a series of measures from the aspects of working life and so on, so that the university students feel the warmth of the company and stimulate the spirit of the uplift.

The unit received five new college graduates assigned by their superiors this time. In order to enable students to work and live better, the project department leaders purchased bedding for the students in advance; after the students arrived at the unit, the project department leaders immediately held a seminar with them, in addition to introducing the company's profile, They put forward requirements on how to enter roles more quickly and better adapt to work needs; according to what they have learned, they are given timely assignments for them; in the evening, the project department organized a special one for them in the cafeteria. Simple and lively welcome dinner. At present, these trainees have started their own work and stated that they will strictly require themselves in their future work and strive to make their greatest contribution to the development of the enterprise.

SME Rubber Pump Parts are made of black natural rubber. For different wet-end parts, there are different materials.

For instance, there is standard impeller rubber, suitable for superior erosive fine partical slurries, and anti-thermal breakdown

rubber which is intended for use as a linder material in slurry pumping applications.

pH value of the slurries that rubber pump parts can standard ranges from 2~4.


1. Scientific design based on hydraulic theories;

2. Strict manufacturing procedures and professional QC personnel;
3. Various materials for different applications, like R08, R26, R33, R55;
4. Long service life

rubber slurry parts        

Structure of Rubber Slurry Pumps:

Below is the construction reference picture of rubber lined slurry pumps.

Wet-end spare parts of rubber slurry pumps are: impeller, cover/frame plate liner, throatbush, 

and frame plate liner insert for bigger pumps. 

rubber pump strcure


Rubber Pump Parts

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