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China's current commercial vehicles are divided into three categories: one for light vehicles, two for medium-sized vehicles, and three for heavy-duty vehicles.
In these three categories, there are seven categories. In China, these three types of relatively complete manufacturers are: Liberation Dongfeng Jianghuai Beiqi Foton Heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers are: Heavy Truck Shaanxi Automobile Red Rock Iron Horse Hualing North Mercedes-Benz Common light truck chassis manufacturers are: Jiangling Isuzu
Subdivisions of the seven sub-categories take ZZ1311N4711 as an example: the first “1” behind the letter represents the general truck series and “2” represents the full-drive series. If it is "3", it means dump truck series, "4" means tractor series, "5" means tank truck series, and "6" means bus series "9" to represent semi-trailer series. Under normal circumstances "1" and "5" can be used universally. In the "2" full-drive model, there are: General trucks, dump trucks, tractors (gun cars, missile tractors) tank cars (rarely seen) Passenger cars these five small categories.
These manufacturers have their own production catalog, and their external identification model codes are: Liberation CA Dongfeng EQ DFL DFAC Jianghuai HFC Beifutian BJ North Benz ND Sinotruck ZZ Shaanxi Zhongqi SX Chongqing Hongyan CQ Chongqing Tiema XC An Huai Hualing HN Jiangling JX Isuzu (Qingling) QL and so on.

The Dongfeng Furukawa Sprinkler is a sprinkler and sprinkler made by Dongfeng Furukawa's second-class chassis, including water tanks and pumps. It is also called a multi-function sprinkler, a landscaping sprayer, and a water tanker. Water trucks have a variety of functions depending on the application and use environment. The water trucks produced by our company are suitable for road flushing in large, medium and small cities, construction of trees, green belts, lawn greening, roads, factories and mines, and high-rise building flushing. With sprinkler, dust, high and low spray, pesticide spraying, fence washing and other functions, but also has to carry water, drainage, emergency fire and other functions.

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