Exports to Australia and New Zealand increase 90% in sales. This Chinese brand drives new cars to Sydney.

SAIC Datong, which has just achieved a remarkable growth rate of 32% in China, once again burned the “war” into the markets of developed countries.

Why say "yet"?

On October 27, 2016, SAIC Chase Automotive Co., Ltd. held a new product launch in Sydney, Australia. Its G10 diesel version was first listed in Australia. Vice President of SAIC Lan Qingsong, General Manager of SAIC Datong Xu Qiuhua, General Manager of SAIC Group Public Relations Department Xu Min, General Manager of SAIC Overseas Division Yang Xiaodong, General Manager of Shanghai Automotive International Trading Co., Ltd. Zhang Wei and other guests, SAIC Chase in Australia Representatives of dealers, SAIC Chase’s representatives from Australian users, and representatives of the first commercial vehicle network attended the new car launch.

The first overseas listing of G10 diesel was not accidental

Unlike other Chinese auto brands that mainly deal with the markets of developing or underdeveloped countries, since its establishment, SAIC Chase has focused on developing “high-end markets” with extremely high thresholds and fierce competition in developed countries, and in Europe (especially in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and other markets have blossomed and achieved mass sales.

The Chase G10 diesel product that was listed in Australia was listed for the first time overseas. It is no accident that SAIC Chase chose Australia to be the first overseas station for the G10 diesel version. It is because Australia and New Zealand have become the largest export markets for SAIC Chase and account for 30% of their export sales. Chase G10 diesel version landed in Australia for the first time, to take on the responsibility of the Datong brand to further expand the Australian and New Zealand markets.

It is understood that the G10 diesel version listed on the market is equipped with a 1.9T high-performance turbocharged diesel engine. It has the technical advantages of high power, low fuel consumption, low emissions, and low noise and noise. The maximum power is 110kW and the maximum torque is 350N.m. Both power and torque are leading the same model; with the EGR exhaust gas recirculation system with bypass and DOC + DPF exhaust aftertreatment system, the emission reaches the Euro 5 level and has the potential to upgrade Euro VI. Compared with other similar products, the fuel consumption of the G10 diesel version is 30% lower than that of the gasoline engine with the same displacement, and the noise inside the car is reduced by 12%. In the Australian market where oil quality is high and customers demand it, the G10 diesel version will undoubtedly be welcomed by many consumers.

The listing of the G10 diesel version in Australia fully demonstrates SAIC's latest product strength and demonstrates the sustainability of SAIC's future overseas operations. Based on the previous V80 diesel widebody light passenger car and G10 petrol version MPV, SAIC Datong further enriched its array of products in the Australia-Singapore market and provided Chase access to the Australian and New Zealand market.

Since being listed on the market in 2012, SAIC Chase has been backed by the strength of the global top 500 companies of SAIC Motor Corporation. Under the guidance of the Group's strategic objectives of global distribution and multinational operations, SAIC Express has rapidly introduced overseas markets through the product line of “Commercial, Commercial, and Parallel” and gradually implemented globally. Strategy. As the largest overseas market of SAIC Chase, the ANZ market has achieved outstanding results. It has blossomed in many areas such as conventional VAN vehicles (vans), construction vehicles, and armored cars.

Australia has a very strict automobile inspection system, while SAIC’s V80 and other products not only passed 41 ADR tests, but also won the first “occupant protection score” among various light passenger vehicle models in the Australian ANCAP crash test. Results. In the professional testing conducted by SAIC-Singapore on a number of professional automotive media for SAIC Chase and other brands, SAIC G10 has stood out from the comparative test of MPVs in various Australian markets. It has obtained the “best value for money” rating, and its product strength is even higher. More than a lot of international brands.

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