·The first car charging pile in the central district of Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province was put into use

On March 20th, the electric vehicle charging pile service point in the west and east side of Donghu Park in the central area of ​​Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province was officially put into use after the system upgrade. This is the first charging pile put into operation in the city center. .
"My car is about 20 kWh at a time, and it can travel about 200 kilometers. The average price per kilometer is only more than one kilogram. It is economical and environmentally friendly compared to fuel consumption cars." Mr. Chen introduced himself. "Charging the Pass". At present, most of the communities do not have the conditions for charging electric vehicles. Due to the positive influence of the electric vehicle body, charging cannot be carried out in the storage room, and pulling the wires from the upper floor presents a safety hazard and charging with a household charging connector. It usually takes more than 10 hours, and the charging pile can be charged to 80% in about half an hour, because its connector is used for docking with the battery and does not cause damage to the battery itself. As a beneficiary of the power intelligent service, Mr. Chen is quite satisfied with the construction of the “three-kilometer charging service circle” of the power supply company.
It is understood that the electricity price of the charging pile is 1.45 yuan / kWh, and the payment methods include charging card, E charging scanning code, and E charging account. Customers only need to bring ID card to the power company's business hall, you can apply for a charging card, or directly download the car networking platform E charging client with your mobile phone, so that the registered account can be charged, or use the WeChat scan QR code at the service point to pay.
“The operation instructions are attached here. The customer follows the operation on the liquid crystal display of the charging pile. We pay attention to and monitor the use of the charging pile through the system at any time. Once there is any problem, we will immediately deal with it and solve the worries for the customer.” Zaozhuang Power Supply Company Liu Changhai, an employee of Yongan Power Supply Center, Zhongqi Village Customer Service Center.

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