India develops solar dryer

Every invention and creation of Indians seems to focus first on the actual situation in the area. Due to the earthquake, many victims lacked daily necessities. Last year, Wanwei’s home network tracked and reported on an unplugged refrigerator that was invented by a Indian man who was a middle school dropout. Yes, clay soil refrigerators seem to be relatively simple and effective, but they are practical and friendly to the public and therefore are very popular in the country.

No, there is another Indian doctor who has developed a solar dryer. This refrigerator, which is not a refrigerator, looks better than the refrigerator. Its food drying technology helps to extend the product's shelf life. Perishable goods can be stored for a year without adding any preservatives. In addition to vegetables, fruits and spices, dryers can also be used to preserve meat and seafood.

The original intention of developing such a solar dryer was also for the most urgent problem of local agricultural product preservation. After all, in India's rural areas, many places lacked electric equipment, not to mention the possession of electric refrigeration equipment or refrigeration systems, which caused some farmers’ agricultural products to rot prematurely. The loss is huge.

The emergence of solar dryers can get rid of refrigerators that rely on electric refrigeration, while greatly extending the shelf life of ingredients. It is reported that this new dryer is half cheaper than electricity refrigerating equipment and its efficiency is 25% higher. Therefore, carbon emissions are very low. In addition, the machine does not even require maintenance.

The price is also very low, solar dryers sell for less than 90 US dollars, so this dryer has also been welcomed by people in other countries, as to whether it will land in the Chinese market, it is not yet confirmed.
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