3.5-meter large bearing forging production line started production

Recently, a domestically advanced super-large bearing forging production line was started and put into operation at the Wazhou Group. The completion of this production line has made Wazhou Group the largest bearing forging production base in Northeast China.

Since the beginning of this year, a series of 16 key technical accessory products and equipment for the equipment manufacturing industry, which are urgently needed by the country, have been produced in the Wazhou Industrial Park. For example, the wind power industry is supporting the need for pitch bearings and large-scale medical equipment. Metallurgical mines and supporting products for the heavy machinery industry, these bearings are used to replace imports. Forgings of many large products need to be imported from abroad, resulting in increased production costs and longer production cycles.

The production line, which has recently been put into production, can process forgings with a minimum outer diameter of 600 mm, a maximum outer diameter of 3.7 m and a weight of 3 tons. Its production has met the demand for forgings of the large-scale products of the Wazhou Group, laying a foundation for the rapid production of equipment manufacturers in urgent need of products.

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