3M launches two new RFID electrical device identification labels

3M Dynatel positioning and identification department's RFID electrical identification product line has added two RFID tags. New tags are used to track burned cables or pipes. The 3M logo allows the utility company and the construction team to directly determine the location and depth of the cables and pipes without the need to dig or use metal detectors. The former is susceptible to damage to cables and the like, and the latter is useless for plastic pipes.

One type of electronic tag is a small disc design that can locate cables and pipes approximately 3 feet from the surface. The second type of label is embedded in a larger disc of 16 inches in diameter and can be used to detect underground cables or pipes 9 inches from the surface. These two labels incorporate 3M's existing line of spherical and disc-shaped labels that address the need for permanent labeling for utility equipment and other assets. The round label is currently used at Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta to locate cables and pipes that are 5 feet deep underground to determine the type of equipment used.


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