Schaeffler introduces new casing bearings for demanding environments

Schaeffler's new casing bearings are equipped with three slightly larger casing rollers between conventional solid cylindrical rollers to prevent displacement of cylindrical roller bearings due to low loads.
The newly developed FAG casing bearings from Schaeffler can be used in a variety of demanding environments, such as hot-rolled steel mills, where the bearings are subjected to extremely high loads during the steel transmission process and the bearings are almost unloaded after the transfer. In this case, bearing offset is likely to occur and damage is caused.
According to Rainer Eidloth of Schaeffler Group: “Before the load is applied, the difference between the size of the casing roller and the solid roller is almost negligible. When subjected to radial load, the casing roller will be pressed due to the elastic characteristics. It is eventually as large as a solid roller. In this way, the load will be distributed to each rolling component.
The head of the company said: "This new product is simple in design and easy to install. In addition, due to the standard size, the product can be used interchangeably with standard cylindrical roller bearings. Eidloth also revealed: currently, the second The design is currently being tested to meet different usage environments.
At the recent Hannover Fair, Schaeffler exhibited a sample of the bearing, which is smaller than other bearings produced by the company. In addition to hot-rolled steel mills, these bearings are used in demanding environments such as wind turbines and paper mills. At the same time, the company has successfully developed another bearing for use under harsh conditions, made from 'Cronitect' corrosion resistant material and martensitic hardened steel. Where 'Cr' means chromium, 'Ni' means nitrogen, and 'tect' stands for corrosion resistance. Martensite bearing steels containing chromium and nitrogen have long been known. However, the relevant person in charge of Schaeffler said that the chemical composition and the treatment of the thermochemical surface layer make the product strong and corrosion resistant.
Cronitect products are tested on a salt spray tester in accordance with DIN 50021-SS for a long period of time, even over 600 hours, without any signs of corrosion. The Schaeffler head claimed that rolling bearings made of this material can be in contact with water, amino acids and cleaning agents. The material is available in sealed or unsealed versions.


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