SKF introduces new bearing unit for drum washing machine

SKF (SKF) is a leading global supplier of products, solutions and services in the areas of rolling bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems. In 2007, it was the 100th anniversary of the SKF Group. On May 23, SKF, which is increasingly focusing on the Chinese market, held its third Media Technology Day in Shanghai. On the technical day, for the home appliance industry, SKF highlighted three solutions for use in drum washing machines. It is understood that in order to promote these three solutions, SKF related personnel will visit Bosch Siemens, Whirlpool, Haier, Little Swan and other domestic production of washing machines.

Bearing unit (FLUW) supplied by front cover drum washing machine

In the conventional manufacturing process, the bearing unit of the front cover drum washing machine requires a larger size aluminum or cast iron sleeve, and the bearing housings at both ends are also machined. Only the sleeve and the plastic washing machine drum are injection molded together to install the bearings at both ends, and then fitted with a lubricant-filled clamping seal.

The FLUW from SKF simplifies and integrates the above process, integrating ball bearings, clamping seals, lubricants and housings (see Figure 1). Compared to traditional manufacturing processes, the FLUW assembly process is much simpler (see Table 1 for details).

In addition to the simple installation, FLUW can also achieve better mutual cooperation between parts; due to the SKF patented anti-slip system, the outer ring can be fixed in the bearing housing without relative rotation; the weight is lighter; the cost is reduced. FLUW currently has two solutions for lower load drum washers and higher load drum washers. At present, FLUW has achieved supply to one washing machine manufacturer in Europe and the United States.

Compared to the top-mounted drum washing machine, the front-cover drum washing machine has more requirements on the bearing unit, such as to withstand greater forces, moments and loads.

Working condition: maximum centrifugal speed = 1600rpm

Working temperature = 90 ° C

Bearing unit (TLUW) supplied by the top-mounted drum washing machine

Traditionally, the cover drum washing machine bracket is based on a tight fit of a rolling bearing mounted in an aluminum bearing housing, and the bearing housing, bearing and seal are from different suppliers. SKF's TLUW (see Figure 2) combines the four components of a rolling bearing, a snap seal, a lubricant and a nylon housing to simplify the assembly process of the washing machine and reduce costs and parts suppliers. In addition, the material of the nylon bearing housing can be selected according to different needs of users. Currently, TLUW has sold 3 million units worldwide.

Working condition: maximum centrifugal speed = 1400rpm

Working temperature = 90 ° C

Bearing bracket (spider arm) designed for large-capacity front-cover drum washing machine

The spider arm is also an integrated unit that includes a lubrication system, ball bearings and a snap seal that supports the entire drum. It is mainly used in front cover type domestic or industrial drum washing machines with a large carrying capacity (loading capacity ≥ 8kg). Compared to TLUW and FLUW, the spider arm (see Figure 3) has higher stiffness, higher load, and better fit. Similarly, it can reduce the customer's installation process, reduce costs, and reduce suppliers.
Range and internal dimensions:

Aperture: 30mm~42mm is better

Bracket outer diameter: 600mm

Axial clearance: custom range

Installation conditions: outer ring: press fit into the bearing housing

Inner ring: freely movable on the shaft

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