What makes the double-season rice yield a new world record?

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] China's existing rice planting area of ​​more than 400 million acres, of which South China double-season rice is distributed in Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangdong and other places, planting area of ​​about 200 million acres, annual mu yield of about 900 kg. Not long ago, a news that inspired the people of the country came from the village of Lianyu, Longtian Town, Xingning City, Guangdong Province: the project of “South China Double-season Super Rice Years of 5,000 kg Full-Mechanized Green Mode” led by Academician Yuan Longping was measured late. The yield per mu is 705.6 kilograms, plus the previously measured early production of 832.1 kilograms per mu, and the annual yield of demonstration fields is 1537.78 kilograms.

What makes the double-season rice yield a new world record?

This is also a new world record for double-season rice yield. The expert group of production and acceptance agreed that the model achieved full mechanization and is a green, high-yield model. The application of this model will improve the mechanized cultivation level of rice and promote super high yield, high quality and benefit of super rice.
According to the standard of 450 kg per mu of rice in China, “South China Double-season Super Rice” is equivalent to planting 3 mu of land with 1 mu of land. Luo Xiwen, the leader of the expert group for measuring production and acceptance, and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that such high yields were realized in Guangdong, where high pests and diseases occur frequently and typhoon weather is frequent. For the implementation of the strategy of “grabbing grain in the land” and “stocking in technology”, “ The South China Double Season Super Rice is a successful exploration and a major breakthrough.
“The project adopts the rice production mode. In addition to the improved varieties, the planting process uses the agricultural machinery as the carrier, and selects and integrates a number of key technologies for the savings, so as to achieve the goal of increasing production.” The relevant person in charge of the Xingning City Agriculture Bureau told the reporter that Yuan Longping was used in the demonstration field. The "Super Excellent 1000" selected by the academician personally adopts the "Strong Source Living Kuyou Technology" of the team of Professor Tang Xiangru of South China Agricultural University to implement the mechanization of rice production. Through the strong support of advanced agronomic machinery, it has solved the green high yield. The password also magnifies the gain effect of rice yield.
"Good Law" force: strong source living agent fertilizer
Lu Guohuang, the chief agronomist of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture, concluded that the “South China Double-season Super Rice” project adopts the technology of “Super Rice + Strong Source Living Kuyou Technology + Seedling Machine Plugging + Mechanized Pest Control Green Control”, good gas irrigation, the whole process Mechanized, green and unified control of pests and diseases.
In the Longtian Town Chenxing Grain Specialized Cooperative, the reporter saw Li Zhixin, the actual operator and cooperative director of the “South China Double Season Super Rice” project. In the local area, Li Zhixin is a well-known large grain grower and a large agricultural machinery. “I have also participated in some high-yield rice creation projects before, but it is still a bit unexpected to achieve such good results this year.” Li Zhixin said that it is even more gratifying that although the yield per mu has broken the world record, the planting intensity is compared with the past. There is no difference. The advanced planting methods proposed by the experts and his own planting habits are also quite consistent. “It’s not difficult to operate, and ordinary farmers can learn.”
Li Zhixin's "advanced planting method" is one of the main push technologies of the project - "Strong source living pool and excellent rice technology", which is to strengthen the quality cultivation methods of source and storage under suitable leaf area index and storage capacity. Strong source, that is, enhance the photosynthetic function of the leaves, prolong the photosynthesis time of the leaves, increase the assimilates of the source by strong sources, and promote the improvement of the seed setting rate and 1000-grain weight; the living pool, that is, the ability of the library to accept assimilates, especially sucrose Umi, which reduces the chalkiness and chalkiness of rice, increases the consistency of the gel, and then changes the appearance quality and eating quality of rice.
Although the principle sounds a bit deep, for the farmers, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time trying to understand these terms, but only need to properly apply the project inputs according to the guidance. These include: application of super rice sturdy sputum at the time of breeding, at the same time appropriate and timely transplanting, two applications of "super rice special fertilizer", spraying "super rice quality improver" at the heading stage. The above agents and fertilizers have all been obtained from the state.
More efforts to increase the utilization rate of fertilizers and nutrients and reduce the rate of application of fertilizers to achieve green yield increase are the core concepts conveyed by the “Strong Sources and Umi Technology”. At the same time, this technology is easily grasped and accepted by farmers because it does not change the existing cultivation habits and does not require additional labor. "According to the results of the current demonstration, the application of 'strong source live pool excellent rice technology' can increase rice production by more than 12%, with an average yield of 80-100 kg per mu." According to the relevant person in charge of Xingning City Agriculture Bureau, The advantage of this method is not only the increased lodging resistance of the rice being cultivated, but also up to 200 to 460 grains per ear.
"Good opportunity" support: not to hurt the root seedlings moderately densely planted
If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. In addition to the good law, for the success of the "South China Double Season Super Rice" project, the whole process of mechanized production is also indispensable. Ma Guohui, secretary of the Party Committee of the National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center, said that the whole process of mechanization is one of the technical characteristics of the project, which is also in line with China's agricultural development trend and is conducive to large-scale promotion in the future.
"Each link is inseparable from the support of agricultural machinery. For example, the use of strong sputum agents requires plastic trays to be bred, and the application of fertilizers requires the use of transplanters to synchronize deep fertilization and so on." When it comes to "old business," Li Zhixin opened his voice.
In the warehouse of Chenxing Cooperative, a variety of agricultural machinery and equipment are available, including seed germination machines, seedling machines, seedling transplanters, and large combine harvesters. As early as 2007, Li Zhixin purchased a dryer and tasted the sweetness of mechanized rice production. In 2010, more than 100 mu of land he contracted has achieved mechanization of production. It is with the experience of Li Zhixin's many years of mechanized planting of rice production that the “South China Double Season Super Rice” project will be settled in the Chenxing Cooperative.
“The seeds are germinated by the germination device and then bred by the cultivating machine. After growing to two centimeters, they can be transplanted into the field.” When it comes to the transplanting machine, Li Zhixin is quite proud to tell the reporter that the cooperative has the Guangdong Taiwan 钵 seedling transplanting machine, “ At present, there are not many Taiwanese provinces." This seedling transplanting machine was Li Zhixin's "phase in the agricultural machinery fair" in 2014. After returning, he immediately purchased the goods. “The artificial seedling seedling density is too large, and the machine insert can adjust the row spacing of each seedling to 33 cm, the plant spacing is 12-20 cm, and form a moderate dense planting pattern of wide and narrow plants. For the planting of 'South China Double Season Super Rice' On the one hand, it is more ventilated, and it can also reduce pests and diseases." Li Zhixin said.
In the "South China Double Season Super Rice" project, the seedling transplanting machine can be inserted into a dozen acres in one day, which is dozens of times the efficiency of manual transplanting. More importantly, compared with the traditional carpet seedling transplanting machine, the seedling transplanting machine is more difficult to separate in the carcass during the transplanting process. The root seedlings are not easy to be injured, and the seedlings can be planted more than 20% per acre. Stable hair, low tillering, increased rate of ear formation, increased number of spikes and grains, and an increase of 5% to 10% per mu.
Harvesting is also a high level of mechanized production of rice. "A large combine harvester can collect 30 acres per day, and if it is more than 40 to 50 acres, it can be harvested by hand. One person can only receive half acre a day." Li Zhixin said. According to the calculation of the Xingning City Agriculture Bureau, the output value of early rice in the "South China Double-season Super Rice" project is 2,163.46 yuan/mu, which is an increase of 701.74 yuan per mu compared with the city's average level. Among them, through cost accounting, the whole process of mechanization has greatly reduced the manual investment of the project. In the investment of 1075 yuan of mu cost, the cost of machine farming, machine transplanting and machine collection is 340 yuan, and the labor cost is only 160 yuan. In the eyes of many growers, due to the current high agricultural labor prices, the reduction of labor costs brought about by mechanization is crucial to increase the efficiency of grain production.

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