·Automobile after-sales monopoly breaks repair price or drops 30%

It was learned from relevant persons of the Ministry of Commerce that the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Commerce, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly issued the Measures for the Administration of the Disclosure of Automobile Maintenance Technology Information (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”). Implemented on January 1st, it is clear that automobile producers should use online information disclosure methods to disclose the maintenance technical information of the models sold.
4S shop relies on monopoly to control the resources of the original parts. In recent years, the number of automobile sales in China has increased rapidly, and the number of civilian vehicles has increased significantly. However, the problems exposed by the auto repair industry are not public, the opacity of consumption, and dishonesty are also prominent. The release of the "Measures" shows that it is an inevitable trend to break the monopoly of the auto repair industry and promote fair competition in the auto repair market.
Wei Shizhen, a Beijing lawyer who has been engaged in agency and research on anti-monopoly law for many years, believes that the "Measures" propose to break the monopoly of accessories and technology; the OEM should disclose vehicle maintenance information to maintenance companies and independent operators to achieve transparency of technical data; The original parts are freely circulated, and the products of comparable quality are smoothly circulated. This shows that China is resolutely breaking the monopoly of the auto repair industry and promoting the fair competition in the auto repair market.
"Currently, China's automobile aftermarket, especially the parts and maintenance market is very chaotic." Wei Shizhen believes that the fundamental reason is that China's vehicle manufacturers have long monopolized auto repair parts and technology. It is understood that the current authorized 4S shop relies on the manufacturer's high monopoly, basically holding the resources of the original parts and parts, plus the manufacturer's publicity, 4S shop maintenance channel has become a common channel that everyone generally recognizes, maintenance service The cost is high. At the same time, non-4S shop channels are difficult to obtain the sale of original parts and components, and they are not trusted by consumers because they cannot obtain the authorization of the manufacturer.
The "Measures" proposes to actively use the Internet and information technology, introduce consumer supervision and evaluation mechanism, and construct a dynamic monitoring mechanism and information supervision platform for business operations and service quality. This will help accelerate the modernization of the motor vehicle maintenance service industry. Service industry transformation and upgrading.
According to the requirements of the Measures, each automobile producer shall file with the Ministry of Transport the relevant information on the disclosure of its vehicle maintenance technical information before December 31, 2015; the automobile producer shall be in 2016. From January 1st, for CCC-certified passenger cars and buses, technical information must be publicly repaired within 6 months from the date of listing of the model; from January 1, 2017, for CCC-certified trucks and semi-cars To hang the tractor, it is necessary to publicly repair the technical information within 6 months from the date of listing of the model; the automobile producer shall, before January 1, 2017, publicize the passenger car that has obtained the CCC certification and is listed for sale after July 1, 2008. Maintenance technical information of passenger cars, and also disclose maintenance technical information of trucks and semi-trailer tractors that have obtained CCC certification and are listed for sale after January 1, 2015.
Sheng Jiemin, a well-known expert on anti-monopoly law and a professor at Peking University Law School, pointed out that in the information disclosed by auto companies, there must be a catalogue of parts and components, including the name, trademark and original parts of the original parts supplied by automakers for after-sales service. Numbering, component changes, upgrades, replacement information, and information necessary to determine the parts that are available for a specific model. For consumers, the advantage of publicity is that when the car owner repairs the car in the 4S shop, he can choose not to choose the original brand accessories of the car company.
In addition, the car company should also disclose the technical information of the maintenance, including the regular maintenance of the vehicle, the assembly and disassembly methods of the assembly and parts, technical specifications and illustrations; after the standard auto repair shop has mastered this information, it can The owner provides accurate car repair and replacement of homogeneous parts.
Previously, the China Insurance Industry Association and the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association jointly released the third batch of automobile zero ratio. The zero ratio of the two German luxury models reached 650%-660%, which is much higher than the overseas mature automobile market by 300%. Standard line.
The industry generally believes that the auto repair market should be further standardized, and maintenance information disclosure is the primary condition. If consumers can choose the same quality non-original parts, this means that the repair price is expected to be reduced by at least 30%.
The automobile after-sales service market is facing a reshuffle. It is undeniable that if the "Measures" can be implemented in place, the biggest beneficiaries will be third-party auto repair organizations in addition to ordinary consumers. With the disclosure of automotive maintenance technical information, third-party auto repair organizations will have the strength of the shoulder dealers (4S stores) in terms of professionalism, and with more flexibility than the dealers' more affordable price system and operating mechanism. Third-party auto repair organizations are indeed expected to usher in a development opportunity.
However, experts pointed out that the biggest beneficiaries of the "Measures" are ordinary consumers, breaking the monopolistic behavior of the after-sales service market and introducing sufficient market competition will undoubtedly mean that ordinary consumers will get more affordable after-sales service. price system. The industry believes that if the industry can look at many industry issues with a developmental perspective, it should be believed that with the continuous improvement and improvement of the social system, the future development will inevitably become better and better.

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