Huimen Transmission developed a new two-stroke low-speed diesel piston ring

Recently, Federal-Mogul Transmission Systems has developed a new two-stroke low-speed diesel piston ring that not only increases the surface area of ​​the wave hole, but also distributes the oil more evenly.
The eWave piston ring helps distribute lubricant more evenly around the bore of the cylinder. According to Federal-Mogul Transmission Systems, the long-term test of 8,000 hours on several ships since 2013 has proven to improve wear resistance, thus helping the turbine to reduce lubricant consumption by up to 20%.
According to Richard Mittler, senior in-house operator of piston ring and cylinder liner analysis and product development and technology, "The eWave piston ring is the first to uniformly distribute lubricating oil around the bore of the cylinder to prevent local oil film damage and improve combustion. Gas seals, piston rings that reduce wear and ensure a more even cylinder liner temperature. This means that the amount of lubricant injected into the cylinder can be greatly reduced, because the reduction in lubricant emissions from the two-stroke machine during venting means not only reduces carbon Emissions and can reduce operating costs."
Federal-Mogul Transmission Systems pointed out that although the injection method of the two-stroke lubricating oil is completely different from that of the four-stroke lubricating oil, the conventional piston ring design uses a similar design method for the piston rings of the two types of engine designs. . Since the two-stroke lubricating oil is injected and does not always maintain a uniform oil film, the remaining lubricating oil will be used to ensure protection - most of which is directly discharged as exhaust gas. The shape of the eWave piston ring will create a pressure differential that controls the flow of lubricant through the bore of the cylinder and increases the uniformity of the lubricant film.
Federal-Mogul Transmission Systems added that the eWave piston ring design can be optimized to accommodate individual types of feed nozzles and to configure engines and operating speeds with different strokes.
It is reported that the eWave piston ring was developed in close cooperation with Winfair Engine Co., Ltd. (WinGD).

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