Consumer Art and Art E-Commerce

The 91.2 billion yuan is the result of the 2015 "A double 11" report. According to media calculations, the number of O2O transactions on the “Shuang 11” day should be no less than RMB 200 billion when counting other e-commerce activities. However, on November 11 of this year, the art market in which the past two years of "Double 11" had great moves was unusually low. Not only did taobao not have corresponding official activities, even other art e-commerce companies did not seem to have even the motivation to fire concepts. In short, "Double 11" is very lively, but the art market is quiet.

In recent years, e-commerce channel and art auction organization to test water art online auction is not new. Not just taobao, e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Suning, and Gome Online also intend to share a piece of art auction, and some art organizations and auction companies have also participated in the “online welcome” team. Everyone began to gradually endorse online auctions. Online art auctions, like online shopping, usually break the condescending and untouchable image of past art auctions. Even the old factories like Liulichang and Xiling Yinshe have followed the trend and launched their own online sales channels. The art market has reached a new height.

According to the "Annual Report of China's Art Market", by the end of 2014, there will be no less than 2,000 e-commerce companies in China with online transactions of auction companies . Therefore, the planning, art electricity supplier is indeed not a niche, but everything seems to be on the taobao can catch the double 11 crazy run for a while, that is, whether the art mall, whether before the double 11 is still later, it seems that no one Think of going up to grab a good thing and go home.

Relevant data show that although the art online transactions do indeed have a certain role in promoting art into the general population. However, compared with other types of e-commerce providers, art e-commerce companies have traditionally used "price reduction promotions" because of their non-imitation product characteristics and complicated sales methods, and their high prices. "Tear Teasing Promotions" has not been promoted.

This must mention the characteristics of the art trade itself. Unlike traditional galleries and auctions, electronic artwork is based on the electronic world. Pre-shows and auctions are conducted in virtual spaces, which are very attractive to new generation collectors . However, as a mode of “non-mainstream” sales and purchase, art electricity suppliers still have a long way to go in terms of popularity, authority, and seriousness. What can be imagined is that when faced with extremely precious works of art , almost no one will go offline and go online. After all, galleries and auction houses represent promises and authority. The e-commerce figure, it always seems a bit "weight."


It is the inherent disadvantage of e-commerce itself. How can you not see or feel inconceivable than one-handed delivery of money and one-handed delivery? E-commerce has inherent disadvantages, and works of art are even the most “out-of-date” products, not one. Compared with other products, although the art is not necessarily the most expensive, but its determination is the most difficult specification. What is bought in the auction company may not be true, there is a bit of truth in the network transactions? In view of this, the current art e-commerce companies still sell most of their current works, as they are judged by artists living in the world.

Originally, although the tentacles have now been reduced to the world's art category, most of the artworks e-commerce deal is still not ambition. This is due to the fact that the number of people who consume works of art is still small. In this small amount, it is very rare for people to buy art on the Internet. The artwork is a “big piece”. It is neither as cheap as clothes and shoes, it can be replaced at any time, and it is not like mass production and after-sales warranty like refrigerators and televisions. Buying an excellent and desirable artwork is not easy. Auctions and galleries are less costly. Why do we have to buy or sell online? To buy a brand of high-priced clothing, consumers are willing to run a few miles, go to the mall to try yardage, role and then back online payment purchase, not to mention luxury art? If you see it with your own eyes, hang it on the wall, and then decide to buy it or not, don't you? However, most of the artwork e-commerce companies do not even accept the return. The negligence that may have occurred in the past may cause the consumers to get up and down. It would be better to run a few miles to the gallery. The gallery will have enough money to go straight home.

In order to make it easier for consumers to purchase artwork on the Internet for the first time, the art electricity suppliers have introduced many low-priced products. Compared with tall auction houses and carefully selected, high-priced galleries, electronic channels are like taobao's shopping malls. However, just as the products in taobao are the same, the theory of one penny and one item of goods applies. Where does the so-called artwork of a few thousand dollars or even just a few hundred yuan on the e-commerce channel have a gold content in art? There are already some industry insiders questioning this. Artwork is a kind of luxury spending. When the art works is cheaply labelled, it seems that it is not possible to make things cheap.

What is not the same as ordinary products is that the art world does not need to “spread goods”. Even if it is not standard, it can't even be called art. How can we use the banner of artworks to make waves in the channels of e-commerce? It is not unreasonable to question such doubts. The e-commerce channel does indeed have a mixed bag of good and bad. Some e-commerce companies that specialize in the arts of students in the art colleges have advocated propaganda for young artists to promote works that have not been approved by the mall. However, it is well known that the students of the Academy of Fine Arts are the best choices for students who eventually become real artists. Auction companies and galleries have relatively strict specifications when selecting their works, and they have become the top entry point for alternatives for consumers. However, e-commerce companies have to relax their choice of works based on their richness, turnover rate, and online audience's spending power. Policy, which has also become a worry for e-commerce channel development. After all, people who automatically consume art objects are always on the internet, and they always know that art works. E-commerce's poorly-written books are undoubtedly a discount to their own brand and promise.

In spite of the difficult roads, the artwork e-commerce companies still came up with their own signs. Just like other categories of e-commerce wars, the artwork e-commerce providers must also display their own abilities. After all, the big wave of Etao, as long as the market through the baptism, can only leave behind the winner.

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