The driver suddenly opened the door and the woman was killed in a bus crash.

On October 8, when a 28-year-old woman in Qidong was riding an electric car through a taxi parked on the street, the taxi driver suddenly opened the door and the woman was knocked down and was brutally bustled and killed by a bus.



Accident scene video screenshot

Tragedy at the door

Passengers: bus brakes, but it's too late

At about 2:40 pm on October 8, a traffic accident took place on the west side of the Renmin Road Park Road in Qidong City. When a taxi driver opened the door, he neglected to observe and knocked down a passing electric car. After the biker fell to the ground, she was unfortunately caught in a bus accidentally passing through the bus and died on the spot.

The passenger on the bus recalled that the bus from the east to the west was slow and the blue taxi stopped right in front of the bus. At this time, a young woman riding an electric car happened to be in the middle of the two cars. Travel west. When she passed the taxi cab position, the taxi driver suddenly opened the door suddenly and slammed into the electric car. The ride woman suddenly fell to the ground and hit the bus on the left. car.

“At that time, the speed was very slow. After hearing a loud crash, the bus driver immediately took a sudden brake and stopped the car. However, he could not avoid the tragedy.” Zhang Aunt said, after parking, she and her companion Shao Ahao. Looking out from the window, the woman was found to have fallen to the bottom of the car and blood was emitted. Qidong City Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade after receiving the police, the police in the protection of the scene of the accident, while evacuating the crowd. At present, the investigation and handling of the traffic accident is in progress.

Nanjing Bulletin

98 open accidents, nearly 70% involved electric vehicles

The tragedy on the afternoon of October 8 was instantly circulated on the Internet. However, such accidents are by no means a case of Qidong. Yesterday, the latest data from Nanjing Traffic Control Department showed that from October 1 to October 10, various traffic accidents caused by the opening of the car reached 98, of which 17 occurred on October 9th. The data also shows that 68% of this type of accident involves electric vehicles.

The traffic control department stated that as the weather gets colder, people wear more warm items to go out, which also has a certain impact on the line of sight observation, and traffic accidents caused by the opening of the car door tend to increase.

The entrance to the community, school and supermarket is accident-prone

According to briefings, taxi drivers have the highest percentage of car accidents, accounting for 34% of total accidents. A traffic policeman said that this was because some taxi drivers raced against the clock, parking was not standardized, and sometimes they forgot to remind passengers. As a result, passengers hit the door and caused a collision.

In addition, the proportion of accidents caused by the opening of doors of other types of cars accounts for 65% of the total number of accidents. The accident traffic police stated that most of the accidents caused by the opening of doors for taxis and cars were caused by passengers opening the doors, and the proportion of accidents caused by drivers opening the doors was relatively low.

The data shows that in the accident-prone areas, the front lines are the communities, banks, schools and supermarkets. The traffic police analyzed that this was because many citizens rushed to work after driving or traveling to these places and neglected observation when they opened the door. The entrance door of the community is more prone to drive door accidents because the non-motor vehicles entering and exiting the community entrance are more. Everyone is either rushing to work or rushing home. Some parking lots are also prone to traffic accidents that hit the non-motorized vehicle when the door hits the road. The driver finally grabs the parking space and arrives home. At this time, the driver and the occupant are more relaxed and forget to observe and drive again. door.

Traffic police: In most cases drivers and passengers are responsible

"Sloppy, unstandardized operation, and illegal parking are some of the main causes of door opening accidents." Lu Ping, deputy section chief of the accidents section of the Nanjing Traffic Management Bureau told the reporter that taking the parking distance as an example, the right side of the car body should not exceed 30 road edges. In centimeters, most of these accidents are not parked as required.

“Opening the door may seem like a trivial matter, but the damage caused by the accident is generally more serious, because the door is out of the way, and the hardness of the door is also high. Especially in recent years, the rapid growth of electric vehicles, the general speed of the vehicle is also too rapid to allow the loss of such accidents. Further upgrades.” Lu Ping said that how to deal with these accidents depends on the specific circumstances. The first is to see if the driver or passenger is at fault. If it is illegal parking, the driver may have to bear the main responsibility; if the passenger is not observing the rear to the car, hastily opened the door, the passengers have a greater responsibility. If both the driver and the passenger are at fault in the open-door accident, they share responsibility. Of course, if the crashed non-motorized vehicle has manned, retrograde, and brake failures, it also bears the corresponding responsibility. "In most cases, the main responsibility lies with the drivers and passengers driving the doors."

Traffic police remind

How to do motor vehicles?

Parking location must be selected

The parking area must not affect the passage of other vehicles and pedestrians. It should be 20-30 centimeters from the road teeth when parking. Except the driver, the occupant should try to get off from the right side.

Before opening the door, we must pay attention to the observation of pedestrians and vehicles before and after opening the door. Only after confirming safety can we open the door. Drivers, especially taxi drivers, should promptly remind passengers to ensure safety when they open the door.

One side of the driver's side of the observation of the rear is easy to have a blind spot, and suddenly large, generally not easy to cause the attention and prevention of other vehicles, so the driver must pay attention to observation before opening the door to the car, you can first open a seam, and then slowly Open, remind the past vehicles to open the door, to prevent rubbing with passing vehicles and brewing.

Non-motor vehicle attention?

Keep away from the vehicle Don't ride to the fast lane

A total of 98 traffic accidents occurred in 10 days, and 68% involved electric vehicles. The traffic controllers reminded the cyclist that it is necessary to strictly control the speed of the vehicle. After stopping at a vehicle parked on the roadside, it is necessary to pay attention to observation, especially for vehicles that have just stopped, pay attention to maintaining the lateral distance from the vehicle, and prevent the sudden arrival of the vehicle door. Turn on, slow down when necessary.

In addition, the police also reminded the public that riding an electric car must obey the traffic rules and not drive in the fast lane.

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