China National Heavy Duty Truck's high-level non-slip multi-function kitchen garbage collection vehicle trial production success

A few days ago, China National Heavy Duty Truck Qingdao Heavy Industry successfully produced a “high-level non-slip multi-function kitchen garbage collection vehicle”.

This model has five technical features: First, the use of new industrial design, PLC control system. This model subverts the structure of the circular shape of the traditional kitchen garbage truck or the square tube body. The shape of the whole vehicle is full and beautiful, and the fashion sense is full. The whole vehicle adopts a programmable logic controller (PLC) control system, which can realize one-button filling and sequential operation. All control systems are interlocked to prevent unnecessary damage to the vehicle or person due to mishandling. The second is to use the self-unloading unloading method. The innovative unloading method is designed as a front-top self-unloading type, which replaces the traditional push-pull unloading method of the built-in shovel, which is a breakthrough in the way of unloading traditional kitchen garbage trucks. Compared with the traditional models, the front top self-unloading model cancels the push-plate structure, can significantly improve the cabin volume, reduces the vehicle's own weight, and improves the overall vehicle quality coefficient; completely eliminates the traditional push-plate built-in models. Clean, difficult to clean up the back of the shovel. The third is to use a pendulum type garbage push device. The pendulum type garbage pushing device independently developed solves the problem of “fake full load” due to the accumulation of garbage during the loading process of the traditional kitchen garbage truck, and fully realizes the whole process of the loading process. The push device simultaneously realizes the garbage compression loading function and improves the actual loading capacity of the whole vehicle. The fourth is to adopt a 7-point rear door locking seal and a fully automatic secondary water receiving device. The 7-point rear door hydraulic seal locking device developed by independent innovation can completely solve the problem of sewage leakage during the garbage collection and transportation process. The fully automatic secondary water receiving device is precisely controlled by the PLC system. It has the function of automatically opening before driving and automatically resetting before discharging. It can collect the leaked sewage when the sealing strip is aged or damaged, and collect it into the special sewage tank to ensure the whole vehicle. Transport without sewage leaking. Fifth, it can be used for kitchen garbage and ordinary household garbage collection. The car's unique pendulum type garbage push device, large barrel (120L, 240L) hanging robot structure and 7 degree tapered arc box structure are fully applicable to the collection and transportation of kitchen waste and ordinary household garbage. , has a dual-use function.

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1. Please contact the corresponding product engineer for specific torque products.

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Barrel Damper Applied Torque

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Rotating speed:20r/min

Durability test Method:Clockwise 180 Â°, 180 Â° anti-clockwise

Rotating speed:20r/min

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Test Temperature:23±5℃

Durability test cycle:10000 cycle

Test result criteria: Store in the room temperature for 24 hours or more after the test, recording to the torque T=T±30%T.

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