Exploring the practice of zero-growth of pesticides requires farmers to play a leading role

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] Recently, the State Council issued the "National Agricultural Modernization Plan (2016-2020)", which comprehensively deployed the basic objectives, main tasks, and policy measures for agricultural modernization during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Once the "Planning" was issued, it immediately attracted high attention and heated discussion from the industry at all levels and in the plant protection industry. With regard to the exploration and practice of the zero-growth action on pesticide use mentioned in the “Planning”, everyone has combed and summarized the actual development situation around the country and the scale and characteristics of the development of the industry.
Exploring the practice of zero-growth of pesticides requires farmers to play a leading role
Four initiatives
Implementing the “Zero Growth” initiative
The reporter of "China Agricultural Materials" learned from the Ministry of Agriculture that starting from 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "Action Plan for Zero Growth of Pesticide Use by 2020" and organized the "Zero Growth Action for Zero Use by 2020" nationwide. In 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture re-mobilized, redeployed, and re-implemented the “zero growth” of pesticides and fertilizers. Among them, efforts have been made to comprehensively control pests and diseases and reduce pesticides and doses from four aspects: First, promote the rule of unified defense and increase the reduction of control effects. In combination with the implementation of major pest and disease control and wheat “one spray three prevention” subsidies and other projects, support specialized service organizations to carry out unified defense and improve the control effect. The second is to promote green prevention and control to control the reduction of pests and diseases. Promote the application of green prevention and control technologies such as agricultural control, biological control, and physical control to prevent and control the occurrence of pests and diseases and reduce the number of applications. The third is to promote the use of drug-saving plant protection machinery to increase the utilization rate. Promote self-propelled spray bar sprayers, drones and other drug-saving plant protection machinery to replace the backward machinery that runs the drip. The fourth is to promote low-risk pesticides to optimize structural reduction. Promote the application of biological pesticides, low-toxicity and low-residue pesticides, and replace old pesticide varieties with large amount of use, poor effect, and high resistance to pests and diseases.
At present, China's economic development has entered a new normal, and agricultural development must "take the path of modern agriculture development with output, product safety, resource conservation and environmental friendliness." The implementation of the “zero growth” action of pesticides and fertilizers is an important measure to develop modern agriculture, the key link to ensure product safety, and the implementation of the basic path of resource conservation and environmental friendliness, which will bring new changes to the development of agricultural materials such as pesticides and fertilizers.
Qiu Dewen, deputy director of the Institute of Plant Protection of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, told reporters that the average chemical pesticide use per unit area in China is 2.5-5.0 times higher than the world average; among them, poisoning accidents caused by excessive pesticide residues per year. It has reached 100,000 person-times; the area of ​​crops polluted by pesticide residues in China is 1.2 billion mu per year, of which the proportion of serious pollution is 40%. "Therefore, the implementation of zero growth in the use of chemical pesticides and the guarantee of 'double reduction' of pesticides and fertilizers are the needs of ecological civilization and green development, but also the needs of food security, ecological security and environmental safety." Qiu Dewen said.
Lu Yinpu, the station manager of Henan Plant Protection Station, said in an interview that the "drug" discoloration should not be discussed. At present, the problems encountered by pesticides are caused by excessive application of pesticides and unscientific application of drugs. It is necessary to eliminate concerns and raise awareness. Treat pesticides correctly, safely and scientifically. Organize on-site observation meetings during key production periods, further promote low-toxic and low-residue pesticides to replace high-toxic and high-residue pesticides, large and medium-sized medicines to replace small inefficient medicines, and implement technical measures such as scientific application and pest control.

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