How can you be safe when you take your child on a car trip?

Keep children away from danger in the car and learn from this summer vacation

When the children are on summer vacation, parents will bring their children out to play. The car is the preferred tool for travel. However, when the family enjoys the convenience brought by the life of the car, has it considered the possible safety hazards when the children are riding?

On the 6th of this month, at the Zhengsan Road overpass at the 3rd Ring Road in Zhengzhou, a cross-country vehicle lost control and hit the cement pier, resulting in the death of a mother and her twin baby in the car. At the time of the incident, there was no child safety seat in the car and the mother was holding the baby in the co-pilot position. The tragedy thus occurred.

In the endless stream of traffic, we rarely see children sit quietly in the safety seats. They are either sitting in the seat of the co-pilots or sitting alone. So, how to kill the danger in the cradle? To avoid the following common mistakes is your first step to protect your child.


Wrong behavior

Let the child sit in the co-pilot position

Many parents place their children in the co-pilot position for the convenience of looking after their children. This is actually a very unwise move. First, the child is active and adds great curiosity. The car's handbrake, shift lever, etc. will be used as objects of research and play. If it is triggered, driving will bring great danger. Second, when the emergency brake is used, the airbag that is life-supporting for adults will bring about a deadly threat to children. That's because the child's upper body is short, the airbag collapses often at the top of the child's head, and the child's bones are much more vulnerable than adults and cannot withstand the huge impact of airbag deployment.

●Recommendation: The child should not be allowed to be a co-pilot in any way but should be allowed to sit in the back seat of the car.


Wrong behavior

Do not use child safety seats

When riding on a vehicle, parents are accustomed to holding the child in their arms instead of sitting in a child safety seat and they think they are so safe. However, when the vehicle is in emergency braking during normal driving, due to the inertia, the impact of the children in the arms is not something the average person can afford. At this time, the parents can't protect the child at all and may even throw it out. In addition, when the parents hold the child in front of their chests, the head happens to be in the parent's chest position. Once a violent collision occurs, the child will become a parent's airbag. Under strong impact, the parents will exert pressure on the child. And cause damage.

According to statistics from authoritative agencies, there are 18,500 children died of traffic accidents every year in China. In the event of a car accident, the infant mortality rate for children without a child safety seat installed in the vehicle is 8 times that of a child safety seat, and the injury rate is 3 times. According to a survey released by the AQSIQ at the end of May this year, only 19.7% of families in China have used child safety seats.

In addition, some parents will also attach adult-specific seat belts to young children. This is also wrong. It should be clear that the car's seats and seat belts are designed according to the size of the adult's body. If children are allowed to use adult safety belts, they may be stuck in the neck and cause suffocation in the event of an accident.

● Recommendation: The child safety seat should be installed correctly in the rear row of the car so that the child can sit in the safety seat, and children under 4 years old should ride in the rear-facing child safety seat to protect their neck. unit.


Wrong behavior

Play with your child while driving

Many parents choose to tease children when they are driving, chat with children, tell stories, and even play. This will distract the driver and cause great risks, which will seriously affect traffic safety. The most important thing for the driver when driving is to concentrate. When the line of sight leaves the road ahead, it is the time when the rear-end is most likely to occur.

In addition, placing too many accessories and toys in the car can also harm children, because some toys have sharp edges and corners, which may stab or bruise children when braking. In addition, the placement of perfumes, decorative items in the car, such as improper placement, in the event of a violent collision, it will also hurt children.

● Recommendation: If the child is noisy in the car, it is best to park the car as required, and then pick up the child. Do not drive children while driving. At the same time, parents should try not to place too many toys in the car. If they must be put, put some harmless plush toys.

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