Is your car insurance right?

For car insurance, many owners are very headache. There are more and more kinds of auto insurance now, and there are also many auto insurance companies on the market. In the face of complicated auto insurance, they do not know exactly how to choose, and a lot of 4S stores can also sell insurance. Some car owners vote for convenience, and they directly buy insurance at 4S stores each year. However, some owners think that buying insurance in 4S stores is too expensive. They will choose to go to insurance companies or other ways to purchase insurance. So when buying auto insurance, which insurance must be purchased?

First, the whole vehicle robbery insurance?


The insurance liability for full-vehicle burglary insurance for motor vehicles is that the entire vehicle is stolen, robbed, and the vehicle is damaged due to robberies, and it is reasonable to be repaired if it is stolen, robbed, robbed, or damaged due to the loss of spare parts or accessories. cost.

Need to buy it?

There are several types of cases cited by Xiao Bian. It is recommended to buy: There is no fixed garage, and it is generally parked in an open air parking lot; often on a business trip, there is no fixed parking place; the area where the vehicle is parked is not good.

Second, commercial third party liability insurance?


The meaning of the third party commercial liability insurance refers to the accident occurred during the use of the insured vehicle by the insured or its authorized legal driver, resulting in the third party being subject to personal injury or death or direct damage to the property, which should be legally approved by the insured. Assuming economic responsibility, the insurance company is responsible for compensation. Since the introduction of strong insurance, third-party liability insurance has become an optional insurance that can be used as a supplement to compulsory insurance.

Need to buy it?

If you accidentally damage a luxury car or drive and cause serious injuries, compensation may be as high as hundreds of thousands. Paying a maximum of 122,000 for compulsory insurance is obviously a drop in the bucket. Insured business third-party liability insurance, pay insufficient insurance coverage, can be paid by the insurance company for you. The higher the protection, the better. It is recommended that at least 20-50 million guarantees be selected.

Third, vehicle damage insurance?


Vehicle damage insurance refers to the natural disasters (excluding earthquakes) or accidents within the scope of insurance coverage of the insurance vehicle, resulting in the loss of the insurance vehicle itself. As the insurance premium for most private car insurance premiums, it is not clear how many vehicle owners calculate the vehicle loss insurance.

Need to buy it?

The coverage of vehicle damage insurance is quite extensive. Therefore, in order to have better protection for the vehicle, it is necessary to reasonably apply for insurance against vehicle damage.

Fourth, self-burning insurance


The full name of the vehicle is auto-ignition loss insurance, which is an additional insurance for motor vehicle vehicle loss insurance. The owner can only insure the vehicle's self-burning insurance on the basis of the loss insurance of the insured motor vehicle. The amount of insurance for self-ignition insurance is generally negotiated and determined according to the actual value of the insurance vehicle. The cost is not too high.

Need to buy it?

A 1-2 year new car does not need to buy a self-ignition insurance, because this should be the responsibility of the manufacturer. For used cars and vehicles that have exceeded the warranty period, it is more appropriate to choose self-ignition insurance.

Editor's Note: Car insurance must be purchased every year, which types of insurance must be insured, drivers can according to the actual situation of their own car insurance. A reasonable purchase of insurance can not only save money but also ensure the loss and safety of the owner.

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