How to do smart home marketing?

According to the "China's smart home equipment industry forward-looking and investment strategy planning report," forecast, China will usher in a large-scale outbreak of smart home in the next few years, and will have an annual growth rate of 50%, smart home industry is embarking on the rapid development path of.
In recent years, the concept of “smart home” has been hot. We often see this hot word in all kinds of media and various homepages, but for the general public, smart homes only stay at the conceptual level. Many people do not Knowing how intelligent a smart home is, it does not know how much convenience it can bring to life, or whether it does not believe smart homes are smarter than their own.
Therefore, although the smart home has a broad market prospect, and manufacturers have preemptively deployed, the current smart home marketing effect is not satisfactory. Exploring an efficient smart home marketing model should be an urgent problem in the industry.
The smart home product is a single product, but its landing application needs to be based on the Internet of Things. Therefore, intelligent scene marketing model can play the advantages of smart home, in order to enhance the consumer's shopping experience and increase purchase willingness.
Let us experience the personalized application of smart homes in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and other different scenarios. Only unexpected fashion, comfort, and convenience are available.
Living room
The living room is the most frequent place in our home. Meetings, parties, entertainment, and rest are all realized in this area. Smart living room is what kind of life scene?
When returning home from the outside, the smart door locks are linked to lights, curtains, cameras, etc. After the door is opened, the home is automatically disarmed, and lights and curtains are automatically opened. If there is a friend in the house, you can tap the smart touch panel on the wall and select the party mode with one click. The intelligent scene switching immediately creates a warm and romantic gathering atmosphere.
After dinner, when you want to sit down with your family or friends to watch a movie, you can choose the home theater mode of the control panel, the curtains will automatically pull on, the lights will automatically darken and adjust the atmosphere, the curtain will slowly fall from the ceiling, the home theater speakers, The projector is also automatically commissioned. At this point, you are free to watch your favorite movie.
Kitchen articles
Although food can increase people's well-being and make a delicious and delicious meal at home, it can be a blessing. However, if you tell you that the kitchen is always hidden, will your happiness index be greatly reduced? The smart security system and the kitchen are interconnected and eliminated. Hidden dangers in the kitchen increase the sense of security while also bursting with happiness.
When gas leaks or accidental fire occurs at home, intelligent gas sensors and smoke detectors can monitor and intelligently push emergency messages in real time. The linked smart alarm system immediately sounds an alarm, while the linkage window and magnetic window and window regulator automatically open the window. Ventilation minimizes hidden dangers.
Bedroom articles
When you go to sleep at night, click on the touch panel's bedtime mode, the home appliances automatically cut off the power, and the lights automatically turn off as the electric curtains slowly pull up. Do not touch the black lights at night from night, intelligent infrared detectors linked the light, automatically sensing the human body to move, people automatically turn on the lights to prevent falling.

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