Separation of gold and silver from gold mud by ammonia method

The present invention is in gold and silver mining smelting gold cyanide gold mud, more specifically ammonia separation of gold is gold and silver in the mud. The invention adopts the ammonia method to separate gold and silver in the gold mud, does not smelt by fire method, and does not use electrolysis. The production cost is low, the recovery rate of gold and silver is high, and the by-product copper and lead in the gold mud can be recovered , and the operating environment is good. It is not limited by the production of gold mud and gold mud. The main process is: first remove the metal lead and zinc from the gold mud with dilute hydrochloric acid solution, then remove the copper with sulfuric acid, and convert the silver with salt. Gold is never transferred to the solution, which guarantees the recovery rate of gold.

Inventor: Yang Jiajing, etc.

Mini Laser

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Portable And Separable Marking Machine

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