What should be paid attention to after the daily operation of the bucket garbage truck

What kind of work does the hanging garbage truck driver do after the end of work every day? Garbage trucks belong to sanitation vehicles. In addition to regular maintenance, they should do the following daily:

First, check whether the garbage truck engine is running normally, check whether there is a leak, check and supplement fuel, oil, cooling water; according to the provisions of the lubrication point inspection and add lubricating oil (fat); twist the oil filter handle 34 turn Hand touch the brake drum is hot or too hot; Garbage truck tire pressure is adequate; Temperature is below 0 °C, no antifreeze should be put the cooling water net; cold areas, the garbage truck battery should be removed to put In the warm room, turn off all switches and knobs.

Second, check and equip the vehicle tools and accessories, clean the exterior of the vehicle, clean the cab and carriage, check whether the brake fluid level of the master cylinder meets the requirements, and finally press the garbage truck door switch button to unplug the ignition key. Close the door. After the door is closed, you should pull it again to see if it is locked.

Third, cleaning garbage truck bins, in the cleaning process is best to do a fixed cleaning site, the sewage is best directly into the sewer, do not stay on the road to cause secondary pollution.

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