Fast three products won independent innovation award

The "FC6A250 Hydraulic Automatic Transmission" declared by Fast was awarded the special prize at the "Innovation and Outstanding New Product" Award Ceremony of "China Machinery General Components Industry Association"; "FJ6000 Reducer" and "5J30T-B" "Series Transmission" won the Excellence Award.

"FC6A250 hydraulic automatic transmission" is a high-torque, 6-speed automatic transmission product developed by the company with international advanced technology. Its lightweight and integrated auxiliary brake system design, advanced technology, stable performance, economic and environmental protection, widely adapted to large and medium-sized passenger cars, medium and heavy trucks and mining vehicles and other special vehicles. The product has successfully broken the technical barriers of foreign companies and has independent intellectual property rights. This not only greatly enhances the comfort and economy of vehicle use, but also has high social and economic value. It has won high praise in the industry and its market share has steadily increased.

Fast "FC6A250 Hydraulic Automatic Transmission" Winner Fast "FC6A250 Hydraulic Automatic Transmission" Winner

“FJ6000 Speed ​​Reducer” is a new type of planetary speed reducer with small size, light weight, high speed ratio, and large output torque developed by Fast, combined with decades of heavy-duty transmission gear design experience and applying the latest design technology. In cement mixers and other engineering areas. At present, in the domestic market, such products mainly rely on imports or foreign investment in the domestic production, which leads to the overall high price of mixer trucks and it is difficult to ensure after-sales service. The technical indicators of FJ6000 reducer have reached or exceeded the imported products on the market, filling the gap of the domestic high-performance cement mixer reducer.

Fast "FJ6000 Speed ​​Reducer" Winner Fast "FJ6000 Speed ​​Reducer" Winner

The 5J30T-B series light truck transmission adopts a full helical gear design with a smooth meshing and low noise. Its unique synchronizer technology has the characteristics of light shifting, large speed ratio range, high fuel efficiency, small size and light weight. It is widely used in various light trucks, off-road vehicles and buses and is favored by the market.

Fast 5J30T-B series light truck transmission won Fast 5J30T-B series light truck transmission won

The three products of Fast were commended, which fully demonstrated the R&D strength and independent innovation level of the company's science and technology, and injected new vitality for the implementation of the company's “5221” strategy, accelerating the international development process, and participating extensively in international market competition.

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