What is the sublevel caving method with a bottom column? How is it classified?

There is a sublevel caving method for the bottom column, also called a sublevel caving method with a bottom structure. The main feature of the method is that the first mining is performed one by one according to the segment; the second is provided with a bottom structure (bottom column) dedicated to the mining in the lower part of each segment. The sublevel caving method with bottom pillars is named according to these two characteristics.
The segmentation recovery is performed sequentially from top to bottom and segment by segment. According to the mining method, it can be divided into two types: horizontal deep hole falling mine with bottom column sublevel caving method and vertical deep hole falling mine bottom column sublevel caving method. The former method has obvious nugget structure, each nugget Generally, there are independent and complete systems for mining, ventilation, pedestrians and materials transportation; in the lower part of the collapse layer, it is generally necessary to dig the compensation space for free space blasting. Most of the mining methods of the latter method use extrusion blasting, and continuous mining, the ore has no obvious boundaries.

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